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Dudley Larson

Co-Founder - CMO


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Years in Business

Harold Cepeda Co Founder

Harold Cepeda

Co-Founder- COO

Lake Michigan CarPet Cleaning

Committed to Keeping Your Home Squeaky Clean

From the inception of Lake Michigan Carpet Cleaning, we have always believed that everyone should be able to afford a clean home. It became clear that consumers in the West Michigan area had very little cleaning options that combined both low price and high standards. We set out to change that and deliver the best carpet and other cleaning services that were environmentally and budget friendly.


Lake Michigan Cleaning is designed to operate as efficient as possible to provide you, the consumer, a low cost high quality cleaning that is in such high demand. With Lake Michigan Cleaning, you can rest assured that you will receive a high quality service, while allowing you save money for other things in life. You can trust that we will handle your most valuable asset, your home, as if it were ours. 

Each member of our staff is an expert in his or her field – whether handling customer service or cleaning a customer’s carpet until it looks almost as good as new. All our people are fully-trained professionals who have worked hard to make our company what it is today. 

House Cleaning Gloves
Jared Richlin employee

Jared Richlin

Director of Operations

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