When We Say Clean, We Mean CLEAN

When your home needs a bit of lovin, calling in cleaners can be quite the chore. Most of the time, you need to hire multiple different people who specialize in certain areas, for example you would usually call a carpet cleaner to clean carpet, duct cleaner to clean ducts, maids for the home, window washers for the windows, and by now I've probably lost you.

With Lake Michigan Cleaning, we handle all these through our singular company using our hand chosen pro's. Whats especially awesome is the fact that our pricing is unbelievably fair, which means we are a total win for your next home cleaning project!

If you also happen to go through an oopsie or an oh oh, we also clean up after disaster strikes. We offer water restoration and fire restoration, as well as sewer clean up.

  • 15 min
    Starting at $35/area
  • 2 hr
    Starting at $30/vent
  • Improve the speed and quality of your drying machine.
    1 hr
    Starting at $50